Maximum Number of Nodes or Links 100 100 500 Unlimited
Price $0 $25 $795 $1495
Period of subscription 30 days 180 days 12 months 12 months
Recommended for New Users Students Small municipalities, local governments, etc. Consultants, water authorities, local governments, etc
Availablity Online Download Online Download Online Download Online Download
Requires ArcGIS® ArcMap version 10.x or above
User's Manual and Tutorials

Preprocessing Tools
100% Compatible with EPA's SWMM5
Watreshed Delineator (requires ArcGIS® Spatial Analysis)
Network Connectivity Checker
Imperviouness Calculator
Watershed Slope Calculator
Land Use Properties Tool
Subcatchment Width Calculator
Conduit Roughness Estimator

Drag-and-drop model creation
No Learning Curve for ArcGIS® and EPA SWMM5 Users
Run SWMM5 without leaving ArcGIS®
Store data in file GeoDatabase
Tabular view of input data
Export data to create SWMM5 input file
Access Full Functionality of ArcMap including data development, editing, querying and visalization