GIS Portal, A Web Based GIS Mapping Application

Online GIS platform for enhancing operational effectiveness

The Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) had been responsible for design, construction, and maintenance of the rural road network in the country. Thus, LGED had to ensure an uninterrupted and functional road network which was quite challenging in terms of Operation & Maintenance.

Challenges in Operation & Maintenance

The Road and Structure Database Management System (RSDMS) software and GIS database provided crucial information for road network planning and budgeting, but their full potential was not explored.

Inflexibility to generate customized Maps

LGED could neither readily use the data and system for making informed decisions, nor the system provided adequate flexibility to generate customized maps and road inventory.


Streams Tech offered an online GIS Portal to address and resolve the client’s need under the project. The Portal used information from the existing RSDMS and GIS database of the road network, and provided essential features for performing user-defined queries and generating essential inventory, maps, and reports.

To facilitate online access, the database was hosted on the government’s server at LGED’s account. The system was designed with access control and information management by an authorized administrator from the GIS Unit of LGED.

We provided necessary orientation training to the officials of LGED to fully utilize the portal.

Technologies Used


GIS Portal introduced a transformational shift to the road information mapping and reporting processes at LGED. With access to the portal, the officials of LGED could readily use and map necessary information on the rural roads anytime and from anywhere.

Additionally, the users could generate and print customized GIS maps incorporating only the essential features, which provided great relief and increased accuracy in information extraction and interpretation.

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