GIS Portal, A Web Based GIS Mapping Application

Brief Problem

Bangladesh’s Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) chose Streams Tech because it wanted to make informed decisions by generating customized maps and road inventories. Furthermore, the maps LGED was previously producing had characteristics that did not suit the specific needs of the stakeholders.


Streams Tech hosted several meetings to generate a complete system design, which included process flow, technology selection, and timeline of the projects. Hence, Streams Tech offered an online GIS Portal to address and resolve the client’s needs under the project. The Portal used information from the existing RSDMS and GIS database of the road network, and provided essential features for performing user-defined queries and generating essential inventory, maps, and reports. To facilitate online access, the database was hosted on the government’s server at LGED’s account. The system was designed with access control and information management by an authorized administrator from the GIS Unit of LGED.

Moreover, Streams Tech provided necessary orientation training to the division, district and upazila-level officials of LGED. At present, the portal is accessible at:

Technologies Used


LGED’s road information mapping and reporting processes have undergone a massive revolution due to the GIS Portal. LGED authorities can use and map important information about rural roads anytime and from anywhere through the portal. Additionally, users can now generate and print customized GIS maps by incorporating only the essential features, which has provided great relief and increased accuracy in information extraction and interpretation.

The portal’s ability to perform both spatial and attribute-based queries, as well as a set of predefined data analytics to support ADP and O&M planning and budgeting, are likely its most impactful features. The authorized users of LGED can view the status of the road in terms of traffic and roughness indicators, road cross-sections with surface materials, number of people served (approximate), and coverage areas.

Finally, the portal allows essential query and multi-criteria analyses to identify and report road duplication during project formulation, and high-priority roads for maintenance.

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