Revenue Forecast

Interactive dashboard revamped revenue forecasting – Our BI solution introduced new frontiers in the decision-making process.

Power BI-integrated dashboard for informed Decision Making

Effective data management is essential for making sound decisions. However, the data was frequently sensitive and dispersed over multiple documents, making it challenging for the decision maker to review and prepare reports simultaneously. In addition, compiling reports required a considerable amount of time. Instead of using spreadsheets or other tools for improved decision-making, Streams Tech assisted the firm by developing an interactive dashboard for revenue forecasting.

Scattered Data

Sensitive data was scattered among numerous documents.

Difficulty making well-informed decisions

It took considerable time and effort to examine data in order to make an informed decision.


Streams Tech designed a revenue forecasting dashboard. We developed a simple and effective Power BI dashboard that fetched data directly from the source, filtered it, and built a visual report that provided the CFO with a forecast summary in mere minutes.

Goal indicators, goal conditions, daily revenue, resource hours, and cost could be displayed in tabular and graphical representations, eliminating the need to evaluate numerous data types.

By collecting all the financial data in one place, managers and CFOs could see the project budget, determine if objectives and goals were fulfilled, and identify areas for improvement.

The dashboard was speedy, easy to use, and presented a thorough picture of the organization.

Note: The data shown in the image above is purely fictitious and for illustrative purposes only.

Technologies Used


Using the revenue forecasting dashboard, the organization can readily predict daily revenue, which was crucial for gaining a firmer grasp on cash flow management.

The dashboard for revenue forecasting facilitates effective strategic planning. Finally, the dashboard for revenue forecasting provides the information necessary to make sound, educated, and well-informed decisions, which were crucial to the success of the firm.

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Interactive dashboard revamped revenue forecasting

Our BI solution introduced new frontiers in the decision-making process

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