Streams Tech, Inc.

Streams Tech is an engineering and technology company with a mission to assist clients in developing data, tools and expertise to make the best decisions. We develop desktop, mobile and web-based software incorporating location intelligence to solve water and environmental problems, make business decisions and manage operations. Our software packages are commonly used for analysis and design of urban water management, flood and water pollution control; app based data collection; interactive visualization through dashboards; monitoring and evaluation of organizational activities; and deployment of smart internet-based geospatial solutions. We also develop custom software to support our clients’ special needs. Streams Tech’s software and solutions are used globally by small and large organizations.

Streams Tech’s engineers provide consultancy services in the areas of stormwater and watershed management, flood control, water quality modeling, groundwater investigations, hydropower assessment, water distribution system analysis and design and geographic information systems (GIS). Our experts, having remarkably innovative solutions and technical skills, are committed to empowering the clients to build a better environment for tomorrow.

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Water and Environment

Environmental Modeling

Streams Tech, Inc. provides environmental and water resources consulting services to private, federal, state and local government clients.

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Software Development

Software Development

Streams Tech, Inc. has expertise in developing e-commerce, CMS, ERP, dashboards and reporting solutions that are highly efficient and scalable.

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Geographic Information System


Streams Tech, Inc. personnel design, customize and develop geographic information system software for desktop, web and mobile platforms.

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As a Silver partner of Esri, we offer you the GIS based best solutions for real-world problems.

June 01 2015

We proudly announce the launch of our updated website with new look

February 01 2014

We moved to a new location in the City of Fairfax, Virginia